How to Overcome Perfectionism (“Never Good Enough”)

No matter how hard I worked or how much I achieved, I NEVER FELT GOOD ENOUGH. If I fell short of my unrealistically high standards, I would beat myself up (metaphorically) and label myself as completely inadequate—not just in terms of the task at hand, but as a human being.

What seemed like the pursuit of excellence was actually, in reality, an extreme fear of failure … or worse, what I thought that failure would mean about me and my self-worth. It was no surprise that instead of motivating me (like perfectionism is often mistaken of doing), it ultimately de-motivated me, discouraged me, and led to all kinds of things like self-sabotage, procrastination, anxiety, and the Impostor Syndrome.

I had a HUGE wake-up call when my supervisor from work suggested that I become more comfortable with failing (can you believe it?!) after I attempted to quit my new job after just 2 WEEKS of working there (not kidding!). That’s when I knew it was finally time to make a massive change in my life.

In this video, I share several tips for overcoming perfectionism and the underlying fear of failure:

  • Myths surrounding perfectionism
  • Four ways to overcome perfectionism
  • My profound wake-up call


  • What additional tips do you have for overcoming perfectionism?
  • When did you first come to realize that your perfectionism (or fear of failure) was a problem?
  • What myths surrounding perfectionism did you believe?

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