Letting Go of "Yesterday", Appreciating "Now"

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Things CHANGE. Sometimes we crave it, other times we’re afraid of it. Numbing routine makes us want something new, yet other times we want familiarity, for something stable to cling onto. Especially when memories from the past seem more attractive than the present, our longing for familiarity becomes stronger than ever!

It’s so easy to dream of those “better days”. We look back at our childhood when things were so simple and fun and uncomplicated. Now that we’re older and faced with pressing concerns and responsibilities, we find ourselves wanting to relive the past.

And how about relationships? As much as we wish relationships stayed permanent–especially the great ones–we know all too well that they also change. Looking back at friendships that were so strong that having them ‘fade’ was unimaginable, we’re tempted to ask ourselves: “Why didn’t things work out?” “Why couldn’t that friendship have lasted?” We drive ourselves crazy trying to make sense of it all, only to find that it was no one’s ‘fault’–it was simply the twist life decided to take (and annoyingly without our permission!).


Oh, how we wish to go back, that there was a ‘rewind’ button on life. We spend time trying to relive the past, or to recreate it, or to reflect on why it changed. But sometimes the reason will never be clear; we simply have to trust that in everything, there is a reason that is beyond our comprehension. It’s times like these when we must surrender to the plans of something Greater than us. 

Look at the seasons. Each one brings its own beauty. We may dread the coming of autumn, the cold breeze that signals the end of a warm, carefree summer. But when we give in to the change of the season, we can relish its unique beauty–the warm colors of leaves that add vibrancy to its surroundings. And when those leaves fall, there’s no point picking them up and gluing them back on; just let them fall and let winter bring its magic.

The point is that things happen for a reason, and sometimes all we need is to surrender to this change.


It’s time to stop mourning over what “once was” and do ‘NOW’ some justice. Sometimes we need to let go and accept that today is not what it was yesterday–but it’s perfectly fine that way. Sometimes we have to stop trying to recreate the past, trying to make things go back to what they once were, and to embrace what has become of now. There is a reason why things have changed, and rather than resisting it, perhaps we should just let it be.

Yes, the past was beautiful for its own reasons. But who says our now’s can’t be either? So appreciate what currently surrounds us–savour it and utilize it to the best of our abilities. We can’t always restore our friendships to what they used to be, but we can make them beautiful in new, different ways.

Perhaps things have fallen into their new positions because we’re not meant to go back; we’re meant to do something different. To be HERE in the NOW.


Can you relate to this?? If you’ve got insights to add or experiences to share, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW (click on the ‘comments’ link)! This blog is a conversation, not a monologue. Let’s start some #REALTALK

  1. Wow…. A couple of minutes ago I just posted on my blogspot about how I missed certain friends and how it sucks how we all changed (myself included, so there's no one to blame). I was just sort of moping a bit and thinking about the past and then I remember you posted this and I decided to read it just now and….


    Talk about perfect timing? haha luckily I didn't read it before when you first posted it.

    Thanks for writing this, Celine. 🙂 Foreal.



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