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I’m Celine Diaz, a motivational blogger and vlogger sharing insights on self-worth, strengthening your mental wellbeing, and finding the courage to pursue your passions. My lifelong struggle with low self-esteem, harsh self-criticism, anxiety, and perfectionism made it hard for me to feel truly comfortable in my own skin. As a result of these challenges, I embarked on a journey of healing, self-love, and maximizing my fullest potential—and now I share with you the wisdom I've learned along the way. Join me on the journey of living with intention and self-awareness; being the best versions of ourselves while accepting our quirks and imperfections; and uncovering the amazing lessons that life has to offer. For more about my story and what inspired me to start blogging, check out this video:


"Walking Resume" Epidemic? NO MORE.

Follow this blog on Twitter: @realtalkblogsI recently had the pleasure of attending an event in my university where I got to meet other young women like me who were interested in (what you might call a cliche) "making a difference in the world". Now these were all beautiful, very talented, very capable women who were ...