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Dealing with Life’s Unpredictable DETOURS

Follow this blog on Twitter @reltalkblogs"If you accept your misfortune and handle it right, your perceived failure can become a catalyst for profound reinvention." - Conan O'BrienWe always strive for direction. We want life to progress in a linear fashion, to get exactly what we want when we want it. We make goals for ourselves and ...


Spring Cleaning Your Life (Part 1): LETTING GO

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogsAhhh Spring has arrived--the season infamous for goal-setting and "fresh beginnings", sort of like the second chance after failing at New Year's Resolutions (jokes!). But now that the weather's warmer and the flowers are blooming, it makes sense that we want to be synonymous with nature: we crave for growth and ...


Letting Go of "Yesterday", Appreciating "Now"

Follow this blog on Twitter: @realtalkblogs Things CHANGE. Sometimes we crave it, other times we're afraid of it. Numbing routine makes us want something new, yet other times we want familiarity, for something stable to cling onto. Especially when memories from the past seem more attractive than the present, our longing for familiarity becomes stronger ...