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LIFE’S MIRACLES: From Water into Wine

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogsLast weekend I took part in a conference for my church youth group called CFC-Youth. The theme was centered around the Wedding at Cana, when Jesus turned water into wine as his first miracle. We were taught to recognize the ways in which Jesus had metaphorically turned our water into wine -- ...


Everyone Has a Story to Tell: What’s YOURS?

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogs It's crazy because lately the events in my life have been pointing towards one thing: the importance of telling a story.I attended a musical last night titled "Right Here, Write Now" (fantastic use of talent to raise funds for a great cause, by the way) about a girl who felt like ...


PURPOSE: Who Am I & Why Am I Here?

Follow this blog on Twitter @realtalkblogsIt's easy to get caught up in the everyday routines of life. But somehow, beneath dragging our butts off to work, attending school, and tackling relationships, we lose sight of a question that often gets overshadowed by these distractions: Who am I and why am here?We search for our purpose.We want to ...