Nostalgia: Reverence for the Moments that Shape Our Lives

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss

It’s crazy how smallest things can trigger a sense of nostalgia.

Like the smell of cigarette smoke, reminding you of the first time you moved out of home to live in that dingy apartment that you adored, not because it was great, but because it symbolized autonomy and independence.

Or that park bench in front the heart-shaped tree where you used to meet with someone you once loved, dubbing it “our spot.”

Or that song you blasted on a road trip with your friends, with the windows rolled down feeling so alive.

Moments have a way of marking us.

Have you ever gazed wistfully at an intersection as you passed by, reminiscing about an embrace you once shared with someone in that exact location? Or hunted specifically for peanut butter, marmalade, and bananas for your toast, because that’s something your friend would always do? It’s amazing how people can rub off on us, even if they’re no longer in our lives.

We are mosaics composed of all the people we’ve ever met and the experiences we’ve ever had.

Whether we’d rather forget them or hold onto them forever, they become part of the fabric of our lives. Each moment is fleeting, never lasting forever, but there’s something strangely beautiful about that. Maybe these moments are made even more precious precisely because they are so temporary.

“Do you ever realize how badly you’re going to miss a moment while you’re living it? Like wow, these are the good days. I am here and I am happy and I feel alive.” – Unknown

But don’t let the temporariness of life scare you. If anything, let it inspire you to relish the present moment while it’s here, because it’s literally history in the making.

And as for the darker memories that you wish you could forget: grow from them. But don’t disown them. Because they’ve made you who you are—either because of them, in response to them, or in spite of them.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss

Dare to live boldly, love deeply, and feel intensely, even if reality could change in an instant.

Because that’s what it means to live.

– Celine

P.S. To all of you who’ve been part of my life, whether for a long time or a short time, thank you. You are forever part of my mosaic.

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